The fast-paced urban life seamlessly alternates between various activities and passivities. Work, play and recreation are condensed in time and space, to the point where the boundaries between them seem to blur, like a sprinter looking sideways. At the same time, a deregulation can be observed across all areas of cultural expression: The high fashion industry is turning to sportswear symbolism, while streetwear labels are infiltrating haute couture. Naive works of art line the galleries, private blogs reveal more truth than newspapers, and companies hand out bonuses for failed projects. Wherever you look, rules are overturned for the sake of innovation and progress.

In the midst of these turbulent times, we adapt the strategy of disruption and welcome an unusual material to the interior. At first glance, the mystical surface evokes memories of flawless clarity, like that of a crystal. Only on closer inspection does it reveal its true identity: EPDM granules are often used for the construction of sports fields and running tracks, but their incomparable appearance and properties also make them ideal for interior applications. The High Speed Collection combines fitness, street credibility and class and embodies the ambitious urbanist. It oscillates between reality and fiction, function and concept, analogue and digital.

Our digital reality is smooth and perfect. High definition is standard. EDPM granulate, on the other hand, is a material with low resolution. Like voxel, fragments unite to form a larger whole. As in the digital world of pixels, gradients are actually an illusion. The vantage point of the observer decides whether a flowing transition or its individual fragments are perceived.

While contemporary life inevitably equates to an uninterrupted confrontation with digital devices, the stele Offline encourages to power down.

There is no doubt that the laptop is a fundamental and powerful tool in everyday life. Therefore, the object does not demonize it, but underlines its sculptural quality. Thus, the stele is not primarily a behavioural criticism, but primarily a proposition and an opportunity to appreciate the analogue present more.

The stele Offline is a storage furniture. Its archaic form is completed by adding a closed notebook. The user must therefore interrupt his virtual work to activate the function of the object. He has to decide whether to dedicate the moment to the digital or the analogue world.

The piece was supposed to be exhibited in New York City at WantedDesign Manhattan. Unfortunately the event had to cancelled, due to the impact of the evolving COVID-2019 situation.

Collection:High Speed
Dimensions:250L x 250W x 1000H
Material:Powder coated steel, EPDM granules
Edition:Limited, 12 +1
Price:On request via email

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