Fast paced urban life alternates seamlessly between different activities and passivities. Work, play and rest are densified in time and space to a point where the boundaries between them appear to blur like a sprinters vision looking sideways. Simultaneously deregulation can be witnessed across all fields of cultural expression: the high fashion industry turns towards sportswear symbolism while streetwear labels infiltrate the haute couture. Naive artworks line the galleries, private blogs reveal more truth than newspapers, and companies distribute bonuses for failed projects. Wherever one looks rules are overthrown for the sake of innovation and progress.

In the midst of these turbulent times we adapt the strategy of disruption and welcome an unusual material to the interior. The mystical surface evokes memories of pristine clarity like a crystal at first and only at closer inspection reveals it’s true identity: EPDM rubber is commonly used to build sports fields and race tracks but as in our furniture series it’s semi-soft, insulating and rugged properties also make it the ideal seating material. Unifying fitness, street credibility and class the High Speed collection embodies the ambitious urbanite.

Each piece of the collection is designed with clarity and reduced to a minimum in order to emphasize the unconventional material. A stool, a bench, a chair and an armchair are all based on the simplistic approach and demonstrate how little variation can produce entirely different outcomes in contemporary seating furniture.

Three different colours represent the main urban building components that are integral parts of our perception of cities: asphalt, concrete and brick.