The Brazilian tropicalistas combined the popular and the avant-garde as well as the local and the foreign. Our collection acts in their spirit by taking tropical plants and giving them a new form and life.

Many houseplants can be propagated by taking a cutting from a mother plant and placing it in water. This asexual means of reproduction produces a plant that is genetically identical to its parent. Our vases celebrate the beauty of this sometimes weeks long process by focusing the beholders perspective on the botanical protagonist. The grid allows us anxious observers to monitor the roots growth and at the same time teaches us patience because we can’t speed up the natural process.

The vase Obliqua is specifically designed to propagate small and medium size houseplants. A rectangular frame can be extended to different heights seamlessly in order to fit many different types of cuttings of up to approximately 400 mm length.

The vase Palta is specifically designed to grow Avocado trees. A common kitchen leftover is thus given a second purpose and turned into a living design object.

The vase Variegata is specifically designed to propagate plants from larger cuttings than 400 mm length. The top of the frame divides the full body of the vase into three equal segments to allow finding the best possible standing position for the cutting. An extension is not needed since cuttings this size are strong enough to hold upright by themselves.

The Tropicália Collection – Variegata, Obliqua, Palta

The Tropicália Collection is currently part of the RADICAL CRAFT exhibition in Berlin at Direktorenhaus until April 5th 2020.

The collection has been exhibited in Milan at SaloneSatellite 2018 and in Paris at 1000 Vases and was recently featured by Architectural Digest, DEAR Magazindesign@large, Home magazine and TLmag.

Typology:Propagation vases
Dimensions:Obliqua 135L x 45W x 190H
Palta – 75L x 65W x 130H
Variegata 135L x 135W x 190H
Material:Glass, brass
Edition:Limited, 12 +1 each
Price:On request via email

Please feel free to request the Tropicália Press Kit by sending us an email. We’ll get back to you shortly.