Sketch Book

Living, working and studying as creatives we both filled dozens of sketchbooks over the past ten years. Every time a new one had to be purchased there was an inner conflict to be settled: do I return to the trusted brand I’m familiar with or do I take the risk of trying a new one? More often than not curiosity won over rationality, many times resulting in a poor customer satisfaction on our behalf. Taking all the experiences we made along the way as lessons we decided to create our own Sketch Book.

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The result is a unique format with long durability and an environmentally friendly high-quality uncoated fine paper. Long slim formats often have an elegant and luxurious expression to them and are much sought-after throughout design from tabletops to cuttlery and recently even magazines like the Real Review. However, this trend never caught on to drawing pads because the limited width would restrict the users creative process. In our Sketch Book we overcome this one-or-the-other by combining the appealing long shape folded and a full A4 format opened up to get to work on.

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Each page is equiped with an ultra fine 1 cm grid of printed dots to give guidance when needed. The handmade stitch bound block of Munken Lynx ensures the Sketch Book opens wide and is protected with a swiss brochure for extra long durability. For a change we decided to break with the long standing tradition of black sketchbooks and instead have a silver and a rose version on offer. In both cases the colour of the sleeve matches the thread.

Sleeve: Leatherette
Colours: Silver, Rose
Paper: Munken Lynx 100 gsm
Pages: 158
Format: A4 half
Price: TBA