Moka Pillow

Coffee in the morning is a ritual to us. We often have the first cup already when we should still be in bed. So it came naturally to our minds that it probably feels crazy early to our moka express as well. Therefor we created the Moka Pillow for it, a comfy resting saucer that will also prevent damage from heat on your furniture.

It doesn’t only work well in the morning though. The Moka Pillow has also proven to impress guests and clients when serving coffee to them anytime of the day. Now you don’t have to be ashamed of an improvised saucer anymore but you can proffer your stovetop in style.

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Each one is a unique handcraft cast from concrete. There is two colourways: the light Industrial grey and the darker Moon grey. The Moka Pillow is designed for the 6 cups moka express from Bialetti but requests for other sizes are welcome. Just write us an E-Mail.