Was bedeuten all diese Dinge räumlich?

Looking at our personal cosmos of inspiration we realized that it expands far beyond our field of study. Driven by curiosity we started researching the principle of Aufgabe Null at the Institute of Architecture at TU Berlin to find out what was so exciting for us about transdisciplinary inspiration and how we could channel ideas deriving from it into spatial proposals.

The result is a personal epistemology within and around architecture which helped us developing our own holistic working method.

In Was bedeuten all diese Dinge räumlich? we showcase studies of this method that ever since is part of our design strategy: We combine a classic research of the existing, deepen the gained knowledge in conversations with colleagues that work in creating domains and summarize our findings in spatial artefacts in order to feed them back into the cycle of public discussion and interpretation.

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The book contains transcripts of conversations we had with four colleagues from different creative fields. We’re truly thankful for having gotten the opportunity to speak to each of them. Once again, after élevé, we have been reminded of how much we can learn and how much inspiration we can take from simply talking to likeminded individuals.

We spoke to Christoph HauptJack SelfEike König and !Mediengruppe Bitnik.

The book will be shown at the 2020 edition of VOLUMES and is part of the organizations permanent archive.

We published the book ourselves and you can purchase it in these selected stores only: Books People Places, do you read me?! and Pro qm. We hope to also have it available for order from this website soon. For the time being you can also send us an E-Mail to request copies.

Editors: Aufgabe Null
Layout: Moritz Kickler
Published: April 2017
Pages: 100
Format: 230 x 163 mm
Language: German, english
Paper: Gmund Bee!, Profibulk matt
Print: Digital printing
Price: 19,95 €

All photography in this post courtesy Erol Taskoparan.