The magazine élevé is a transdisciplinary source of inspiration which initiates avantgardistic thinking. We believe that a better future arises from a melting pot of skills from which the strongest ideas can originate.

Each issue briefly introduces a handful of professionals that are outstanding in their field. We then individually discuss a key topic with them that the issue is dedicated to. After the conversation the opponents are asked to create an elaboration according to the topic on an A3 sheet of paper. These sheets make up the magazine along with the transcripts of the conversations.

It is left to the recipient to discover the differing and overlapping attitudes. Certainly one will broaden their perspective and sensitize for different approaches to a topic.


In élevé Ausgabe 1 – AFFEKT we spoke to Daniel Grothues, Rafael Horzon, Komet Bernhard, Johannes Rantapuska, Peter Ronge, Jan Ulmer, Dr. Joachim Woltering and Kay Wuschek.

The conversations are also available in an online database the élevé archive.

We publish the magazine ourselves and you can purchase it in these selected stores and online shops only: Books People Places, do you read me?!, Motto Distribution and Slanted. We hope to also have it available for order from this website soon. For the time being you can also send us an E-Mail to request copies.

Editors: Aufgabe Null
Layout: Moritz Kickler
Published: December 2015
Pages: 61
Format: 300 x 210 mm
Language: German, english
Paper: Igepa Maxioffset
Print: Risography
Price: 10 €