Aufgabe Null is a studio for functional and artistic design. For Hilaria von Saldern and Nikita Suerhoff, design means combining things in new ways and creating interdisciplinary inspirations and symbioses. They work on architectural projects, objects, publications and visual communication.

Hilaria von Saldern (*1987) studied architecture at the Technical University of Berlin.

Nikita Suerhoff (*1987) studied architecture at the Münster School of Architecture, ISCTE Lisbon and the Technical University of Berlin.

Past exhibitions:
1000 Vases, Paris, 2018
SaloneSatellite, Milan, 2018
Biennale Urbana, Venice, 2015
Leere zählt, Berlin, 2015

Home magazine 07/2018
DEAR Magazin 05/2018
Kontextur 04/2018
Architectural Digest 04/2018
design@large 04/2018
TLmag 04/2018